Rainscreen - The Rainscreen
In the contemporary construction sector, the rainscreen system is undergoing an exponential increase. The biggest names in design see the greater versatility of this system and request ever greater precision and application to this design solution.

In fact, whether dictated by design, aesthetic factors, or the researching of high-tech solutions, the final design solution is difficult to mass produce and manufacture using a production line without technical expertise and support.
The project in itself is a brilliant, effective and made-to-measure solution. Obviously, the micro-climate, shape of the building, seismic factors, specifications from work supervisors and designers can all vary. This leads to a specific and unique design solution, which can only by carried out by qualified companies with the required technical, logistical skills and experience.

The stone rainscreen project shown here was built using the anchorages made by DOCIPA, following the express design of the engineers in charge of the final rainscreen project design.
The designs are expressly geared to the solution of every single fitting and anchoring issue for stone slabs, as intended by the brilliantly designed architectural project.

The rainscreen was made using diorite granite slabs with shelving units, individually made and fitted to the masonry with stainless steel anchors. For every corrugated construction, all kinds of masonry, every type of stone slab, for any kind of shape and quantity required, they have been specifically designed and drafted with an accurate evaluation.

Only a dedicated and meticulous craftsmanship combined with a fast manufacture of specially designed fittings, makes this particular manufacture possible. The secret to this result is the flexibility that a company such as DOCIPA can provide.

The attached photos are of the construction site "Campo Smith" of Bardonecchia.